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Koyudo Hiroshima Lemon Cheek Brush

Koyudo Hiroshima Lemon Cheek Brush

Обычная цена ¥3,000 JPY
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой ¥3,000 JPY
Распродажа Продано
Стоимость доставки рассчитывается при оформлении заказа.

The "Hiroshima Lemon Kumano Brush Koyudo" collaboration features a cheek brush with bristles inspired by Hiroshima lemons and a rounded form that exudes cuteness. The essence extracted from Hiroshima lemons imparts a subtle fragrance from the tip, making it a perfect gift.

Can also be used as a small item holder, comes with a gift box.

For those who want to learn more about Hiroshima lemons, click here: → https://www.fruit-morning.com/

The scent of Hiroshima lemons is a natural and gentle essence without added oils or other substances, making it skin-friendly. Unlike regular aromas, the fragrance naturally dissipates 1-2 days after opening, allowing you to enjoy makeup without the scent blending with regular cosmetics.

Hair: Goat Sokoho

Length: 107 mm

Gift box

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