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Eihodo WP P-1 Powder brush (grey squirrel) round

Eihodo WP P-1 Powder brush (grey squirrel) round

Обычная цена ¥20,000 JPY
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой ¥20,000 JPY
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"Calling the Grey Squirrel/Powder Brush the king of powder brushes would not be an exaggeration. It's a luxurious brush made using carefully selected natural grey squirrel hair to the fullest extent. With a round metal ferrule, the tip of the hair forms a circular shape. When using it, you can sweep left and right, or move in circular motions without pressing too hard. The fine tips ensure excellent color payoff, and powders are evenly applied with a sheer finish. It holds powder exceptionally well, requiring less powder application. It's the highest-grade brush that contributes to both cost-effectiveness and time-saving. Brush enthusiasts, please give it a try. We recommend the SWS-3 brush cap.

Notes: The round metal ferrule has distinctive features. The top (tip) appears round when viewed from above. It's recommended for those who prefer to use brushes in a circular motion. However, avoid pressing down on the tip when using."

"Total Length: 148 mm
Hair Length: Hair Length: 55 mm, Ferrule Width: 25 mm"

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