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Decorte Marcel Wanders (Dec 1, 2023)

Decorte Marcel Wanders (Dec 1, 2023)

Обычная цена ¥33,000 JPY
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой ¥33,000 JPY
Распродажа Продано
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On December 1st, Cosme Decorte will release a limited quantity of the face powder "Marcel Wanders Collection Cosme Decorte Face Powder XIII" , created by the art director Marcel Wanders. The face powder is known for its luxurious decoration and is part of the popular "Marcel Wanders Collection." Pre-orders will begin in-store on August 21st and on the official online site on November 1st.

The face powder from the "Marcel Wanders Collection," which features elaborate decorations, has been released as a holiday limited edition item every year since 2011. The press representative mentioned that it is incredibly popular, with stock usually being available on the release date, but it tends to sell out almost immediately upon pre-order availability.

This 13th edition of the collection comes in a box with a built-in music box. When you open the box, a butterfly figurine appears in the center, and winding the music box plays its melody. The interior of the box depicts gracefully dancing pastel-colored butterflies, creating an image of a "secret garden." The design of the compact and the powder relief captures the imagery of butterflies taking flight in a garden.

The powder's color for this year is a first-time introduction of lavender beige, designed to achieve a bright and translucent complexion. The formula includes new additions like fragrant violet flower extract, which provides moisture while applying makeup, and angelica herb extract, which helps achieve a finely textured finish.

The set also includes two powder refills, two dedicated puffs, and an original pouch.

Product Details: "Marcel Wanders Collection Cosme Decorte Face Powder XIII"

Color: Lavender Beige Set

Contents: Music box-integrated box, compact, two powder refills, two dedicated puffs, original pouch.

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