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ADDICTION 15th Anniversary eyeshadow palette 'Rock the best moments' (July 15, 2024 on sale)

ADDICTION 15th Anniversary eyeshadow palette 'Rock the best moments' (July 15, 2024 on sale)

Обычная цена ¥13,200 JPY
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой ¥13,200 JPY
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15th アニバーサリー アイシャドウパレット “ロック ザ ベスト モーメンツ”

  • A palette packed with 7 popular colors representing ■ ADDICTION and 8 limited edition new colors
  • Featuring 4 textures: 6 pearl shades, 2 sparkle shades, 1 prism shade, and 6 matte shades
  • Neutral colors in the center of the palette, with cool and warm tones on the left and right, allowing for versatile application like a makeup artist
  • Thoughtfully curated colors designed for all skin tones
  • Skin-melt technology with oil-coated powders for seamless blending and perfect adherence
  • Fragrance-free

To commemorate its 15th anniversary, the eyeshadow palette released includes seven iconic shades representing the brand such as "Mariage" and "Moon River," which have been popular since their launch in 2012, along with eight limited edition new shades with exquisite nuances. The palette features six neutral colors in the center, six cool-toned colors on the left side, and six warm-toned colors on the right side. It offers a variety of finishes including pearl, sparkle, prism, and matte. With captivating color play and daily usability, users can freely enhance their eye makeup like professional makeup artists.

Additionally, two types of lip balms inspired by skincare are introduced. "The Lip Balm Soft Matte" (6 colors) offers a soft matte color that moisturizes the lips, and "The Lip Balm Glow Tint" (9 colors) provides a natural shine and moisturizes with a healthy tint. Both are equipped with the new "Clear Color Technology" for smooth texture and true-to-color pigmentation. With a long-lasting formula, they maintain moisture and color for hours, allowing for subtle or dramatic lip looks. Furthermore, they are vegan-friendly and scented with vanilla mint.

In commemoration of its 15th anniversary, the "Rock The Best Moments" eyeshadow palette features 15 colors. It includes 7 popular shades representing the brand and 8 limited edition new shades. The texture includes 6 pearls, 2 sparkles, 1 prism, and 6 mattes. The central 3 colors are neutral, the left 6 colors are blue-based, and the right 6 colors are yellow-based, providing compatibility with all skin tones.


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