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Three Dimentional Vision Eyepalette

Three Dimentional Vision Eyepalette

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02 PERFECT BLUE LACE AGATE: A palette that achieves a calm impression with a brown cream shadow containing fine pink pearls, and a hint of grayish silver and khaki.

03 AMBER GAZING: A palette that offers a vivid reddish-orange cream shadow (top right of the palette) and a strongly yellow-toned deep beige and reddish matte brown, providing a casual yet well-defined makeup look.

06 REVEAL YOUR BEAUTY: A palette with a beige cream shadow that has a hint of orange (top right of the palette). The other three colors are light browns, making it easy to use for those who prefer lighter makeup, resulting in gentle-looking eyes.

08 DEEP CONNECTION: A palette with a beige cream shadow containing fine pink pearls and a strong yellow tone (top right of the palette), along with grayish purple and pink beige highlights, creating a sophisticated and calm impression.

09 MY INNER LIFE: A palette where a well-pigmented beige cream shadow serves as the base. The colors are within the same hue family, allowing for a natural gradient finish.

10 LEGENDARY LOVER: A palette where a vibrant red cream shadow serves as the base, featuring deep oranges and golds. The overall look is cohesive and glamorous.

11 PERSEPHONE AWAKENING: A palette with a rich and vivid orange cream shadow as the base. The top two colors have a yellow undertone, while the bottom two have a blue undertone, creating a unique blend when layered. 

12 INFINITY BLISS: Copper orange that radiates a warm glow, adding a touch of elegance.

13 ACTIVE ENCHANTMENT: Gold beige that exudes a cool brilliance, providing a poised strength.

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