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Suqqu Signature Color Eyes LIMITED (July 19. 2024)

Suqqu Signature Color Eyes LIMITED (July 19. 2024)

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#140 雅空 (Miyabisora) evokes the deep crimson shades of sunrise and sunset skies, packed with subtle brilliance.

Personally, this is my top pick. The combination of light wheat brown and nuanced red-brown feels incredibly fresh!

Since it's a blush, it doesn't lean too red, and the upper right brown is a soft beige-like color that isn't too deep. It's a perfectly balanced reddish-brown that doesn't appear dull or heavy, subtly adding a healthy glow and creating a chic and stylish eye makeup look.

#141 狭間空 (Hazamasora) captures the beautiful gradient of twilight.

From reddish-purple to gentle pink, it adds a graceful softness to your eyes, creating a vibrant look.

At first glance, it may seem colorful, but when layered, it creates a beautiful, natural gradient without becoming muddy. Add a touch of gold beige shimmer for a casual and effortlessly sophisticated eye makeup look!

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