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Lunaso Lip Glow Flush limited (May 2024)

Lunaso Lip Glow Flush limited (May 2024)

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The clear, glossy texture akin to lip gloss seamlessly adheres to the lips, achieving high color payoff and a light finish. While offering vivid hues, it guides you towards a translucent, glossy lip look. With ample moisturizing ingredients, it ensures continuous hydration, keeping your lips feeling moisturized without dryness.

EX01 Bitter Cranberry (Limited Edition): A glossy, bitter cranberry shade with a hint of duskiness, reminiscent of rose pink.

EX02 Scarlet Coat (Limited Edition): A vibrant red with warm undertones, giving a modish impression of a scarlet coat.

EX03 Illuminate River (Limited Edition): A luminous oil gloss with the sparkle of pearls, creating a glamorous Illuminate River.

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