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Lunasol Eye Coloration

Lunasol Eye Coloration

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01 Twilight Sky: A set of four contrasting colors that create a strength and vibrancy reminiscent of a mysterious sky.

02 Deep Rose Quartz: A mauve-toned set that envelops with a clear brilliance and depth like that of a mineral.

03 Butterfly Wing: A feminine pink-toned set evoking the beautiful flutter of butterfly wings.

07 Darjeeling Camel: A Darjeeling camel with depth and a hint of reddish-brown, reminiscent of tea.

08 Mystic Mink: Beige stands out with a mysterious nuance in Mystic Mink.

09 Modernity Bordeaux: Deep red with a cool and urban impression, adding femininity.

10 Vintage Moss: Vintage Moss enhances its sophistication with layers of dark green hues.

11 Savage Rose: Warm coral pink and gold create a bright and fresh impression in Savage Rose.

12 Breezy Herb: Cool lavender adds a feminine yet cool impression to Breezy Herb.

13 Prelude Reflet: Gentle blending of colors and light that foreshadows a new beginning in Prelude Reflet.

14 Amber Dusk: Coral shimmering from brown brings a dignified impression to Amber Dusk.

15 Flawless Clarity: Sophisticated beige that complements the skin, adorned with dazzling three-dimensional light in Flawless Clarity.

16 Mandarin Garnet: Colors with a shimmering and deep radiance create a warm eye area in Mandarin Garnet.

17 Smoky Quartz: A mixture of light and shadow with a radiant shine seeping from within, giving a sense of strength in Smoky Quartz.

18 Sepia Amber: Delicate beige enhances the three-dimensionality of the eyes in Sepia Amber.

19 Mahogany: A nuanced eye area with a moist reddish-beige hue in Mahogany.

20 Venus Glow: Adorned with a glamorous metallic shine full of grandeur. 



2024 Spring


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