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Kumano Fude Select

Kumanofude Select Shop

Kumanofude Select Shop

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SS3-3 is the only fox brush that are sold by Kumano Fude Select.
It can be used for
Liquid foundation
Cream foundation
Powder foundation

if you use one type first and then a different type, please wash it.
Or you can use it only for one type. e.g cream only

You can use it for face in general too.

Manufacturer: Kumano Brush Select Shop

Usage: Face Main Material: Silver fox/ Saikoho

otal Length: 14.5cm Bristle Length: 2.6cm Bristle Diameter: 2.4cm Creator:

Renewed on 11/1! This foundation brush combines softness and moderate resilience in its bristles. It is made by blending rare Silver Fox hair with exceptionally soft Saikoho goat hair.

The brush is 100% natural hair, which is compatible with makeup products and offers a gentle touch on the skin.

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