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Koyudo Kakishibu Brush Set

Koyudo Kakishibu Brush Set

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Hair: Goat Saikoho

We use fine light peaks of exceptional texture (high-quality goat hair), and dye the tips with persimmon tannin to give them a nostalgic hue reminiscent of twilight. The handle is made from natural wood, featuring a high-end design with visible wood grain.

Persimmon Tannin Dyeing

Persimmon tannin is a completely natural dye that has been passed down continuously since the Heian period. It has antibacterial properties and is utilized in various everyday scenarios. One of its attractions is that, over time, the color permeates and deepens, developing a rich texture.

Please note:

  • As it is a type of plant-based dye, it may fade when washed.
  • Enjoy the evolving texture that develops with use.
  • Due to the hand-dyeing process, the actual color may differ from the image.

Powder Brush: 50mm total length: 165Mm
Cheek Brush: 37mm total length: 147Mm
Eyeshadow Brush L: 13mm total length: 135Mm
Eyeshadow Brush S: 10mm total length: 134Mm
Eyeliner Brush: 8mm Total length: 132mm
Pouch: 100mm x 200mm

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