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Koyudo F08 Fu-pa 04 Liquid Foundation Brush

Koyudo F08 Fu-pa 04 Liquid Foundation Brush

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"A makeup brush designed for mineral and liquid foundation. It has excellent maneuverability and can cover every corner effectively. The brush tip is shaped in a 3D form, just like fingertips, allowing the foundation to spread smoothly over the skin and achieve a natural shine.

The brush features a unique blend of synthetic fibers, ensuring a soft and highly durable texture. Incorporating techniques used in brush calligraphy, this makeup brush is handmade. The bristles are carefully crafted to eliminate any prickly sensation.

The handle is made from natural wood, with an elegant pearl green color, adding a touch of sophistication."


This brush is perfect for liquid and mineral foundation.

Hair: PBT

Length: 107 mm

Hair length: 29 mm

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