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Hacci Cleansing Treatment Gel

Hacci Cleansing Treatment Gel

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Speedy makeup removal & friction-free elasticity, effortlessly removing even pore concerns with a dense cleansing gel.

◆ A dense cleansing gel concentrated with 81% honey and beauty serum ingredients Containing high-performance honey and royal jelly treatment ingredients condensed into "Honey Capsules" and "Quick Cleansing Capsules" that swiftly remove makeup while caring for sensitive skin, even tackling heavy makeup quickly.

◆ Ingredients specialized for adult skin pore concerns Carefully selected six types of beauty serum ingredients to purify various concerns such as pore blockage, enlargement, sagging, and inflammation. The serum-based dense gel absorbs hidden pore impurities, calms skin fluctuations such as redness and inflammation, leading to smooth and tightened pores.

◆ Recommended for times like these When pores are a concern, for delicate skin, for male sebum dirt, during eyelash extensions, etc.

◆ Fragrance A refreshing floral citrus scent.

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