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RMK Pure Complexion Blush (March 2024)

RMK Pure Complexion Blush (March 2024)

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Enhancing skin tone and beautifully coloring cheeks and even the heart, this color variation offers highly pigmented blushes that capture the impression of colors precisely, with a transparent hue and a carefully selected range that blends well with various skin tones. With just one stroke, it fills you with exhilaration.

<Color Variation> ・01 A deep burgundy with a good balance of muted tones and vibrancy. Gives off a chic and modern impression. ・02 Amber-orange with a hint of yellow. Adds dimension with a pearlescent glow for a healthy complexion, also suitable as a bronzer. ・03 Lavender with subtle hints of blue and pink. Adorned with a glamorous pearl shine and transparency. ・04 A high-shine gold with sparkling red pearls in a reddish-brown hue. Adds a passionate mood. ・05 Bright and fresh orange with a hint of beige nuance. Suitable for various skin tones. ・06 Delicate pink with various pearls infused, offering a glossy and charming appearance without being overly sweet. ・07 Rose beige with warmth, reminiscent of lively nuances akin to fluttering flower petals. ・08 Softly pigmented pale coral. Blends naturally with the skin, creating a cute and rosy complexion. ・09 Pink-beige where pink and orange blend in harmony, exuding a composed and dignified impression. ・10 Coral beige that gives a polished gloss, adding a refined shine and color reminiscent of sweetness.

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