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RMK Liquid eyes

RMK Liquid eyes

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A liquid eyeshadow that layers a muted glow texture on the eyelids, with a dewy transparency and smoky radiance. It blends elegant shimmer and gloss with a smoky color variation, incorporating finely blended pearls of different sizes for a sophisticated sparkle and shine. Debuting with a moist, dewy texture akin to being freshly wet, this liquid eyeshadow creates delicate expressions. It features a water-based formula, offering a sheer look with just one application, seamlessly blending with the skin's tone without clashing, while layering for intense pigmentation. Fresh yet chic, it seamlessly integrates a dimensional radiance and depth for an exquisite balance, presenting a meticulously crafted new item.

Color Variation:

  • 01 A beautifully faded rose with a modern muted tone and transparency, infused with a sophisticated sweetness reminiscent of spiced flavors.
  • 02 A cool, fashionable violet infused with taupe gray, exuding a depth of refined allure.
  • 03 A bronze with a glossy finish that harmonizes with the skin's tone, reflecting an indescribable scenery on the eyelids.
  • 04 A golden beige that blends into the skin, evoking the warmth reminiscent of passing time.
  • 05 A taupe with silvery pearls shining in a grayish brown, embodying both coolness and warmth in a fresh hue.
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