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Koyudo Silver Fox eyeshadow L (limited) 【SF-ESLMP】

Koyudo Silver Fox eyeshadow L (limited) 【SF-ESLMP】

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An exquisite makeup brush crafted using the rare and valuable Silver Fox hair.

The Silver Fox hair possesses the softness of premium material "Squirrel hair" and the optimal resilience of "Goat hair." Carefully selected for its rich and deep blend of silver and black hues, it offers the utmost quality. With its silky-smooth touch, it bestows a natural luster upon the skin.

The uniquely pointed shape, reminiscent of a calligraphy brush, allows for precise application even in the delicate areas around the eyes, achieving flawless eyeshadow placement.

The handle is made from cherry wood, and the "maki-e" design of autumn leaves embodies a sense of luxury. Immerse yourself in the exceptional world of the Silver Fox's distinctive charm.


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