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Kihitsu Cleansing Shaving Brush (M-1W)

Kihitsu Cleansing Shaving Brush (M-1W)

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【男女兼用】MEN’S洗顔ブラシ M-1W


This is a facial cleansing and shaving brush designed for men. Its sophisticated "Black & Wine Red" color scheme and substantial design exude an aura of elegance. Crafted using the same handmade technique as makeup brushes, it features the finest Kumano brushes, ensuring a gentle touch on the skin, and its structure allows it to create rich, creamy lather by incorporating air.

An essential item for the discerning man, it is also a popular choice as a gift.

Hair Material: Goat Hair + PBT Total Length: 8.5 cm Hair Length: 4.5 cm

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