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Hakuhodo Concealer palette

Hakuhodo Concealer palette

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At first glance, colors that may seem difficult to handle can transform into shades that blend well with the skin when mixed. It's a palette that makes base makeup more enjoyable!

10 Natural (NB): A base color that is easy to use even on its own. Suitable for covering freckles and spots.

20 Light (LB): A base color that is easy to use even on its own. Suitable for highlighting.

30 Green (GR): Use on areas with noticeable redness. When using it as a single color, apply a very small amount.

40 Yellow (YB): Blend to create a versatile orange shade. Suitable for covering pores and purple discoloration.

50 Red (RB): Blend to create versatile orange and pink shades. Suitable for covering acne scars and dark circles.

60 Lavender (LA): Blend to create versatile pink shades. Suitable for covering yellow discoloration.

Key Points: This palette does not include individual orange or pink shades. First, let's learn the basic color combinations. They are easy to create: Orange = 40 Yellow (YB) + 50 Red (RB) Pink = 50 Red (RB) + 60 Lavender (LA) Next, adjust the proportions and mixing colors to match your skin and create your own unique shade

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