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Hakuhodo Genuine Leather Tri-Fold Brush Case (HB1385) "牛革 化粧筆3つ折りケース"

Hakuhodo Genuine Leather Tri-Fold Brush Case (HB1385) "牛革 化粧筆3つ折りケース"

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Professional-Grade Brush Case

 We prioritize the protection of the brush's vital tip, considering it as the life of the brush. We have paid attention to the details so that you can use it with your makeup brushes for a long time.

 It is a cowhide case that gains more flavor as you use it.

 A sturdy masterpiece crafted by Japanese leather craftsmen. It is tailored with fine shrink leather, and every detail is carefully sewn with each stitch.

 Enjoy the exquisite softness, firmness, and the feel that seamlessly fits according to the number of stored items.

The lining can be wiped with water, so if it gets dirty with powder or the like, it can be easily wiped off with a tightly squeezed cloth.

Made in Japan.

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