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Hakuhodo Kokutan Eyeshadow Brush GS (grey squirrel/synthetic)

Hakuhodo Kokutan Eyeshadow Brush GS (grey squirrel/synthetic)

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Kokutan GS was sold at events in Singapore , but not at any other shops.

It is grey squirrel mixed with synthetic.

The hair shape is similar to that of B004.

The last picture shows Kokutan eyeshadows relative to B004.

From the top,

Kokutan eyeshadow SG (goat/synthetic)

Kokutan SC (tamage)

B004G (goat)

Kokutan eyeshadow GS (grey squirrel/synthetic) > new one

Kokutan eyeshadow ML (grey squirrel/synthetic)

Kokutan eyeshadow MLL (grey squirrel)

Among these,
Kokutan eyeshadow GS (grey squirrel/synthetic) is a new one.

I thought it was 100% grey squirrel but it is mixed with synthetic, I was informed by Hakuhodo today.ko

I know most of you like 100% natural hair.

Hakuhodo told me that this shape is difficult to make with 100% squirrel because it is too soft.

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