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2024 Hakuhodo Mothers's Day Fan brush (grey squirrel)

2024 Hakuhodo Mothers's Day Fan brush (grey squirrel)

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Ebony Fan Brush Slant R
[Hair type: Gray Squirrel/Hair length: 36.0mm Total length: 61.5mm]
A fan brush characterized by a smooth curve without any corners on the entire tip, featuring an exquisite slanted shape. It can be used for finishing powder. By laying the tip flat and moving it to ensure that the tips of the bristles lying on the surface adhere closely to the skin, you can apply powder thinly and evenly.

This compact yet versatile fan brush is popular for use in finishing and powder applications. We've prepared a special edition using the delicate and soft gray squirrel hair, known for its gentle feel against the skin. By creating subtle steps on the tip made of gray squirrel hair, we've maintained the soft touch while ensuring it captures the skin's texture firmly, leading to a glossy finish and introducing a new sensation in ease of use. The slanted shape fits the contours of the face well, allowing for quick and precise application of powder.

The handle is crafted from warm ebony material, providing a comfortable grip. It's a makeup brush that enhances the richness of your makeup routine.

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