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Hakuhodo F3521 Ougi layered short & flat

Hakuhodo F3521 Ougi layered short & flat

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Hair:Synthetic fiber
A fan brush ideal for swiftly and seamlessly applying liquid and cream foundation. Compared to using the fingers, you can use a significantly smaller amount of product in order to create a natural, luminous effect. Also recommended for applying sun screen.
Usage: Powder
Hair Material: Synthetic Fiber
Handle Material/Color: Wooden /Black
Ferrule Material/Color: Nickel Brass/Silver Size:
Total Length: 168mm Hair Length: 28mm Thickness: mm
用途 パウダー
毛 素材 合成繊維
軸 素材/色 木軸/黒
金具 素材/色 ニッケル真鍮/シルバー
サイズ 全長:168mm 毛丈:28mm 厚み:mm

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