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Hakuhodo 2023 Summer Set

Hakuhodo 2023 Summer Set

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foundation (goat)

eyeshadow (goat)

eyeshadow (horse) 



□ Foundation Brush - Goat Hair (Hair Length: 34.0mm, Total Length: 139.0mm) This foundation brush can be used for both liquid and powder foundations. The exquisite step-like bristle tip ensures a solid adherence to the skin, preventing smudging and achieving a beautiful finish. It can also be used for makeup primers and blush.

□ Eyeshadow Brush - Goat Hair (Hair Length: 16.0mm, Total Length: 131.0mm) This eyeshadow brush is designed for the eyelids, providing a comfortable touch and moderate stiffness while delivering excellent color payoff. It can be used with liquid and cream eyeshadows as it is resistant to water and oil.

□ Eyeshadow Brush - Horse Hair (Hair Length: 8.0mm, Total Length: 123.0mm) This eyeshadow brush has a strong stiffness and excels in color payoff and durability. Its width allows for easy gradient application along the eye edges. It can also be used for eyebrows.

□ Brush Cleaner After each use, gently glide the brush's surface on this product to remove any residue. We have developed this brush cleaner with a focus on convenience and maintaining the brush's cleanliness. It is made with high-quality materials and dense fibers. It can be washed and reused when dirty.

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