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Eihodo WP S-9 eyeshadow brush (Canadian Squirrel)

Eihodo WP S-9 eyeshadow brush (Canadian Squirrel)

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"Known as the 'King' of eyeshadow brushes, this brush boasts a sturdy handle and a soft touch on the skin.

The bristles offer a different sensation compared to grey squirrels. It captures colors effectively, excels in powder retention, and provides a natural hair texture that ensures flawless powder dispersion.

It is undoubtedly a valuable tool for your eye makeup. Unlike flat brushes, the brush has a pointed tip, allowing you to create thin lines. When used with a lighter touch, it becomes suitable for defining double eyelids and tear bags. It's also perfect for precise application.

The catchphrases 'cool' and 'smooth' truly come to life when you use it. I hope you enjoy creating vibrant eye makeup with this brush."

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