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Celvoke Foundation brush A -from Aug 18 (2023 AW Collection)

Celvoke Foundation brush A -from Aug 18 (2023 AW Collection)

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By shaping the brush tip into a gentle dome shape, this design allows easy foundation application from wide areas such as cheeks and forehead to delicate areas like the eyes and nose. Furthermore, by rounding the corners of the brush tip as much as possible, it prevents the tip from scratching the skin when tilted, allowing for gentle and smooth application. The brush is densely packed with delicate bristles, providing firmness while achieving a smooth contact with the skin. It allows for gradual and precise application of foundation in the appropriate amount, enhancing coverage while achieving a natural finish akin to bare skin. This brush is a collaboration with Kumano brushes, a high-quality brush brand that Japan takes pride in. Celvoke's brushes are made with synthetic fibers that prioritize the final result and the feel on the skin. Each brush is carefully crafted by Kumano brush artisans.

【Celvoke】ファンデーション ブラシ A<2023 A/W Collection>

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