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Cosme Decorte Absolute UV protection brightening & wrinkle(Mar 16, 2024)

Cosme Decorte Absolute UV protection brightening & wrinkle(Mar 16, 2024)

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Cosme Decorte's "AQ" is a luxury line that promises to achieve a radiant skin full of firmness and resilience. As part of the spring 2024 new releases of "AQ," a sunscreen beauty serum is unveiled, formulated with the dual effective ingredients of niacinamide and tranexamic acid to simultaneously address wrinkles, whitening, and skin irritation. "AQ Absolute UV Protection Brightening & Wrinkle" not only offers high UV protection with SPF50+・PA++++ but also guides the skin towards a transparent complexion with firmness and radiance.

The rich texture with a deep flavor smoothly spreads over the skin, adhering tightly and seamlessly. Despite its lightweight film, it leaves no gaps, providing robust protection against UV rays. In addition to the common beauty ingredients of "AQ," carefully selected beauty components for UV care prevent the accumulation of damage from UV rays, enabling comprehensive anti-aging care. With a soft pink-beige color, it helps achieve a bright, translucent complexion impression.

【Details】 AQ Absolute UV Protection Brightening & Wrinkle [Quasi-Drug] SPF50+・PA++++ 55g

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