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Addiction The Eyeshadow Palette (August 2, 2024 on sale)

Addiction The Eyeshadow Palette (August 2, 2024 on sale)

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The brand's iconic eyeshadow palettes will be evolving into "Addiction The Eyeshadow Palette +" for Fall 2024. While retaining their modern and timeless coloring, they have been upgraded with two newly developed base formulas, resulting in a smoother texture and a more refined, hydrating adherence. The color range consists of 12 basic yet individualistic shades.

・001 Vintage Tutu
・002 Cashmere Dream
・003 Timeless Gold
・004 Autumn Runway
・005 Marriage Vow
・006 Hidden Orchid
・007 Memory of Sage
・008 Miss Mauve
・009 Enchanted Lilac
・010 Apricot Addict
・011 Suntan Camel
・012 Heirloom Jewel

  1. 001 Vintage Tutu:

    • Description: A chic pink-brown palette inspired by the fleeting beauty of a delicate tutu.
    • Set Contents: Champagne Rose (SP), Soft Beige Pink (M), Vintage Pink (P), Vintage Brown (P)
  2. 002 Cashmere Dream:

    • Description: A nude palette that captures timeless beauty with the warmth and luster of cashmere.
    • Set Contents: Sheer Coral (SP), Neutral Beige (M), Beige (P), Gold Brown (P)
  3. 003 Timeless Gold:

    • Description: A gold palette adorned with the refinement of jewelry crafted over time.
    • Set Contents: Yellow Gold (SP), Light Beige (M), Honey Camel (P), Basic Brown (P)
  4. 004 Autumn Runway:

    • Description: A rich red-brown palette embodying universal elegance.
    • Set Contents: Sheer Beige (SP), Matte Camel (M), Deep Red (P), Dark Brown (P)
  5. 005 Marriage Vow:

    • Description: A coral-pink palette overflowing with love and eternal promises.
    • Set Contents: Nude Orange (SP), Caramel Beige (M), Coral Pink (P), Warm Brown (P)
  6. 006 Hidden Orchid:

    • Description: A luxurious purple-brown palette where mystery shines through transparency.
    • Set Contents: White Glitter (SP), Soft Matte Beige (M), Orchid Purple (P), Brown (P)
  7. 007 Memory of Sage:

    • Description: A sage palette evoking moments of memories deep within the heart.
    • Set Contents: Nude Orange (SP), Nude Beige (P), Natural Beige (P), Sage Green (M)
  8. 008 Miss Mauve:

    • Description: A flirtatious mauve palette layering nuances of color and texture.
    • Set Contents: Silver Mauve (SP), Sheer Purple (M), Pink Beige (P), Purple Brown (P)
  9. 009 Enchanted Lilac:

    • Description: A romantic sheer pink palette resembling lilac flowers swaying in the wind.
    • Set Contents: Clear Beige (SP), Sheer Pink (P), Lilac Pink (P), Grayish Brown (M)
  10. 010 Apricot Addict:

    • Description: An apricot palette depicting vibrant spirit with diverse gold and orange shades.
    • Set Contents: Mandarin Orange (SP), Golden Orange (P), Soft Apricot (P), Orange Ochre (M)
  • 011 Suntan Camel:

    • Description: A camel palette depicting the refined texture of sunburnt golden threads.
    • Set Contents: Frost Silver (SP), Sand Beige (P), Soft Bronze (P), Yellow Camel (M)
  • 012 Heirloom Jewel:

    • Description: A jewel-toned palette adorned with the sparkle inherited over generations.
    • Set Contents: Sparkle Purple (SP), Warm Pink (M), Orange Garnet (P), Deep Plum (P)
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