230. SUQQU grey squirrel brushes will be discontinued

Suqqu brush


Hi Everyone, 


I wrote that SUQQU grey squirrel brushes might be discontinued in my previous blog. 


Today, I called SUQQU to buy brushes, and was told that Cheek brush was out of stock at that shop.


It cannot be ordered to the factory, so I think it is official now.


Each shop has own stock and that will be the last ones they can sell.

This shop I called did not have Cheek brush but should be ok in other shops.


I believe I can buy them somewhere in Japan for a while.
But SUQQU grey squirrel brushes will be replaced by synthetic in coming months.


Please let me know if you are interested.


Thank you!


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  • Hi – Are Suqqu squirrel brushes still available?


    Carol Ma


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