225. Update on several limited brushes, and Kumano Fude Festival

225. Update on several limited brushes, and Kumano Fude Festival


Hi Everyone,


Yesterday, I was walking around to get my new ID.


Today, I sat and called several shops. 


One of them was Hakuhodo.

The shop manager informed me that 


S123 Kolinsky will be out of stock. 

It is not today or tomorrow, so no need to rush.
But within some months, it will be not available.

Here is a link or please let me know.




G537 black long


This may be out of stock this month.



will be discontinued, but there will be 

B539, the same brush, except for the logo. 




Another one my client informed me of was the brush in the picture.

I bought this goat brush for sever clients today.

It is 14400 yen. 


Please let me know if you are interested.



There will be a Kumano Fude Festival from this weekend. 

It is virtual again, and I will share a link for online shop once it is available. 

I can buy brushes there.


Thank you for reading, 






I received good feedback about a matchmaking role I once played.


Thank you !

and I will write more in the future.

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