221. If you have to go to an isolated island, what are you going bring ?

221. If you have to go to an isolated island, what are you going bring ?

Hi Everyone,

Writing a newsletter or blog every day is difficult.

I sometimes receive good feedback while I see my clients 'unsubscribe.'
I cannot avoid 'unsubscribe' or no one can. But yes, it is hard to accept it.

I wish I could write a blog every day and can still get good feedback.

I remember Haruki Murakami said this.

He was asked,

'If you have to go to an island that has nothing, and you can bring 'one thing,' what are you going to bring?'

He answered,

'Well, I don't know why I have to go to an isolated island alone, but that is not what you look for. If I have to go, I will bring a pen'

'I can write a novel all day'

Maybe he needs paper, but that is not a point, LOL.

Some people, wth a talent or from experiences, can write many things from nothing all day and every day.

I pay a huge respect to that consistency and creativity.

I will try and practice!


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Thank you for reading!


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