212. I picked up a purse on the train today

(The pictures above are G5560 and Kokutan S, both Canadian squirrels)

Hi Everyone,

Today, I picked up a purse on the train.

It was with Pasmo (electronic money ) with a name so I was able to know he was a junior-high school student. He was 13 years old.

I gave it to an employee of Shibuya Station.
He said he could call him and give it back to him.


I have done the same. I dropped twice.
One was a backpack with a passport, and the other time was Dior limited eyeshadows.

Both of them were kept at the destination station and I was able to get them back.

I remember how much I was relieved, especially when I lost a passport, I was going to Narita Airport….

I was able to guess how he felt when he found out he lost it. The Pasmo was with a six-month train pass.

I did something good today and felt good LOL)




Update for Hakuhodo 

Canadian squirrels and Kolinsky are getting sold out. 


Here are what I was told that Hakuhodo had a very limited stock of. 

Please let me know if you are interested)

Thank you!


G537 Kolinsky

G539 Kolinsky

 S125bk Kolinsky

G513 Canadian squirrel


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