186. Thinking about ramen today

186. Thinking about ramen today

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Hi Everyone, 

Still Golden Week, and most people don’t work till May 6.

I suspect it is hard to stay home for an entire week. 

I was watching youtube where he suggests that we do a ramen walk. 

Ramen may have  500 kcal,  but if you walk for an hour and eat ramen, you will consume 500kcal and eat 500kcal.

It will be fun to walk, thinking you can eat ramen at the destination. 

I might try. 

Walk from Shibuya to Shinjuku, with a good ramen shop in mind. 

Healthy way of spending a holiday. 


Speaking of ramen,  it is regarded food you can eat with noise in Japan. 

Maybe one of very few exceptions, with soba . 

I remember one novel I read. 

“There was a couple dating at an Italian restaurant in Tokyo. Very good mood. 

They seem to enjoy meals and conversations. They look happy and smile.  And they seem to have a happy future :

 till pasta comes….

The guy eats pasta with huge noise : it freezes a waiter, a couple at the next table, a sommelier and the girl he is dating with….

And their happy future.”

I often hear that it is a move that Japanese girls hate and destroys romantic relationship. 

He should have chosen a ramen date….

Thank you for reading!

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