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SUQQU summer limited (May 10, 2024)

SUQQU summer limited (May 10, 2024)

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From the "Signature Color Eyes" palette, which represents the brand with four colors, two limited edition shades with playful color schemes reminiscent of strawberries and oranges are introduced. "138 RYOUICHIGO" combines the gentleness and softness of a pink tone reminiscent of shaved ice sprinkled with roasted soybean flour on strawberry syrup, while "139 NATSUKOGASHI" pairs the depth of simmered sweet syrup with fresh colors. By combining these rich "sheer matte" colors, it leads to an impressive eye makeup.

The "Cream Touch Blush & Lip" , which can be used on cheeks and lips, is a multi-item that harbors a blendable flush of color. It achieves a color that oozes out with a glossy sheen, allowing easy adjustment of intensity. The colors include a well-matched elegant tea beige, a vibrant pink-red, and three limited edition shades of berry with a sophisticated and modish atmosphere.

From the lip gloss "Treatment Wrapping Lip" , which combines care effects, beautiful color, and glossiness, a milky orange with hints of grape's bluishness and whiteness is added.

From the classic "Nail Color Polish" , clear purple and yellow shades are offered for sale.

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