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Hakuhodo G512 Highlighter Brush Angled

Hakuhodo G512 Highlighter Brush Angled

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Hair:Blue squirrel & Goat

This highlighter brush is carefully designed to apply makeup around the eye. When you use this brush, use light strokes as if you are removing excess product . This enables you to achieve a natural but glamorous finish.

Application: Highlight, Cheek

Hair Material: Grey Squirrel and Goat

Handle Material/Color: Wood Handle/Black  

Ferrule: Nickel Brass/Silver


Total Length: 164mm, Hair Length: 34mm, Thickness: 10.2mm

用途 ハイライト、チーク
毛 素材 灰リス・山羊
軸 素材/色 木軸/ブラック
金具 素材/色 ニッケル真鍮/シルバー
サイズ 全長:164mm 毛丈:34mm 厚み:10.2mm
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