Hakuhodo Cherry blossom of winter set
Hakuhodo Cherry blossom of winter set
Hakuhodo Cherry blossom of winter set
  • 画像をギャラリービューアに読み込む, Hakuhodo Cherry blossom of winter set
  • 画像をギャラリービューアに読み込む, Hakuhodo Cherry blossom of winter set
  • 画像をギャラリービューアに読み込む, Hakuhodo Cherry blossom of winter set

Hakuhodo Cherry blossom of winter set


      • inspired by blooming cherry flowers in the cold weather as if they can't wait for spring. 
      Features a handle with petals hot stamped on a beautiful gradation of pale cherry pink color.
      Includes seven essential makeup brushes, from powder to lip, is easy for anyone to use.
      A mini-clutch brush case in puffy snowy fabric has a convenient one-touch opening and closing feature.
      Using Hakuhodo makeup brushes will upgrade your ordinary cosmetics finish to be more natural, done quicker with less effort, yet last longer. 

      To be your best self. Select quality tools to make your every day a little more special.
      This set is also an excellent gift for someone special. Don't miss it! Only limited numbers are available.

      □Powder Brush Goat [Hair length: 45.0 mm Total length: 165.0 mm]
      A powder brush in an easy-to-use angled shape fits the face contours. Tips of hairs are on the entire surface, and its rich volume enables face powder to adhere thinly and evenly for a flawless finish by sweeping the brush from the center of the face to the outside.

      □Blush Brush Goat [Hair length: 38.0 mm Total length: 158.0 mm]
      An essential blush brush that creates a gorgeous, defined look. The bristles are designed to hug the cheekbone and produce natural color. Lay the brush flat and move smoothly on the skin to enjoy building a very natural color layers.

      □Eye Shadow Brush Goat [Hair length: 11.5 mm Total length: 146.5 mm]
      An eye shadow brush for eyelids with a perfect length of hair to create a natural look. Place the color on the lash line or desired starting point, then gently move the hair tips outward to blur a little at a time to give the eye shadows a natural finish and a 3-D effect. It also features that allow users to blend colors.

      □Eye Shadow Brush Horse [Hair length: 7.0 mm Total length: 142.0 mm]
      An eyeshadow brush for shading the edges of the eyes. The broadside applies eyeshadow firmly, and the thin side creates a fine line. These short bristles provide brilliant and stable coloring. As the horse hair is resistant to oil and moisture, this brush is suitable for liquid, gel, and emulsion-type eye shadows.

      □Eye Shadow Brush Horse [Hair length: 10.0 mm Total length: 145.0 mm]
      An eye shadow brush for drawing a bold line at the corner of the eye or blurring an eyeliner. Use a light touch and glide the brush a little at a time to create a natural, blended effect. A little extra work after applying the eyeliner will result in a gorgeous look.

      □Eyebrow Brush Horse [Hair length: 4.8 mm Total length: 139.8 mm]
      An eyebrow brush for creating a natural finish. The essential shaped brush for drawing fine lines and blending provides a quick and easy application for very natural-looking eyebrows.

      □Lip Brush Synthetic fiber [Hair length: 11.0 mm Total length: 146.0 mm]
      A lip brush with a large surface makes it easy to fill the lip color beautifully and evenly with minimal effort. The 100% nylon bristles have both elasticity and flexibility. Apply a rich amount of lipstick from the roots of the hairs to both sides of the brush, then move it in one long motion while outlining the lip line.

      □Exclusive Clutch Pouch [Approximately 95x210x30 (gusset) mm]
      Features a one-touch closure for convenient opening and closing. Using traditional Japanese craftsmanship, it protects the tip of the brush while allowing for slim storage of even for voluminous brushes.