Fude Japan eyeshadow brush L, M and F

Fude Japan eyeshadow brush L, M and F

Hi Everyone, 

Today I want to inform you that

I have new eyeshadow brushes L, M, and F(flat)

(these are L and M)

I already have 

L , M and S


The new ones' handles are different. The same type of hair : grey squirrel. 

They are non-shinning as the current ones are. 

It is the same type of handle as the SUQQU brush. 

As you know, SUQQU discontinued grey squirrel brushes and switched to synthetic. 

I still have SUQQU brushes that I bought.

I have my Fude Japan brushes.

And I have new ones.

The differences are not big.

You can choose brushes among those. 

I look forward to receiving your feedback!

F (flat type) is the only one kind. 

All brushes are 5000 yen. 

Thank you for reading!