chikuhodo Xmas set

chikuhodo Xmas set

Hi Everyone,

It is Saturday today.

When I take a walk on the weekend, I see many family on the road.

Fathers walk, smiling and holding hands with their daughters.

It reminds me of one TV commercial message.

It is Universal Studio Japan (USJ).

A father says, 'Christmas of USJ. This may be the last chance my daughter comes with me.  This is the moment I can give her now, this is the present I can give her now.'

Fathers in Japan, or maybe like the rest of the world, work hard, earn money and raise kids. 

But, there are many funny (true) stories here in Japan.

Daughters, maybe at high school, don't talk to their fathers.

'When they carry the laundry of their fathers, they use a chopstick because they don't want to touch fathers' dirty clothes.'

This TV message depicts fathers’ bittersweet feelings toward their daughters, saying,

'When she grows, she prefers to go out with her friends and boyfriends. She will never hold hands with me.'

When I see happy faces of fathers when walking with their daughters,  I remember this USJ message. 

This message appealed to the market. People have come back to USJ after the long downturn.

Maybe some or many fathers see this and feel they should spend more time with daughters? Or it is only me thinking ?


Chikuhodo told me that they might sell the sets again in December. The sets are almost sold out.


Thank you for reading!