Chanel Christmas makeup products

Chanel Christmas makeup products

Hi Everyone, 

I called Chanel for several questions today.

I wanted to ask if 

Cambon Pressed Powder was available.

I sold all of my stock, and I wondered if it was still available.

It is still available. 

Maybe it is because the Cambon powder is limited to stores (four in Tokyo) outside department stores.

Each department store has a customer program which awards long term clients. These four stores are not department stores.

It is being sold at Ginza Six, where I rarely go and buy products.

Unlike other shops, LOL, this shop or a particular person I talk to has been very friendly so I asked a frank question in a friendly manner. 

'Why are Chanel sales people so arrogant? Well, 'arrogant' may be too strong, so maybe I rephrased it as 'unfriendly.'

This impression I have was shared by other shop sales people.

They buy Chanel products on holidays and don't speak highly of Chanel.

Anyway, when I receive orders for Chanel, I begin to think which store I should talk to. That is not my usual process.

Shibuya Chanel (3 in Shibuya) are not my favorites so I call other shops, which means I cannot take pictures so I cannot show them to my clients. 

This person from Ginza Six understood and agreed to my opinion vaguely.

Chanel sales are 'unfriendly.'

Though she said that the unfriendliness was not a company policy(LOL), she understood that it existed. 

She also asked me to introduce Holiday Collections.

Thank you for reading!