228. Do you understand Russell Crowe's English ?

Hi Everyone,

In the last blog, I talked about pine squirrel being very soft.

I received feedback that Takeda pine squirrel is soft.

Hakuhodo usually mixes pine squirrel with other squirrels. e.g. North American squirrel.

Takeda makes pure pine squirrel brushes.

I wonder how different they are.

I wrote that Russell Crowe's English was hard for me to catch.

First, I watched a movie, 'Allied.'

Brad Pitt was there, and its ending was sad,
So I tried to make sure that they were happy in real life, LOL.
It helps me to recover from sadness.

Marion Cotillard, a French actress, was with Brad Pitt.
I did not know her, but I have seen her somewhere.
So I googled it.

I found her in a movie,
'A Good Year.'

And she was with Russell Crowe,

I have seen that movie somewhere long time ago.

Back then, I rented a movie, so I needed to return a video or DVD in a few days.
So it was a quick watch.

While I understood Marion's 'French English,' Russell Crowe's English was hard.
My English sadly hasn't improved much, and I still had a problem.

I know many of you speak English as a native language or good English even as a second language.

(Well, Japanese are notorious for being not good at English)

Is his English Australian or New Zealand or British ?

We are educated by American accents here in Japan, and it is quite interesting to find those differences.

In 'A Good Year,' Russell, a young Investment banker in London, found a different himself at Provence, France.

If it is in Japan, a hard working business person in Tokyo moves to Okinawa to enjoy life.

Born and raised in a local town in Hiroshima, I don't necessarily agree to all facets of this idea, but I understand.

Marion Cotillard was good, too.

Totally irrelevant (LOL), but there is one person, a makeup shop salesperson, that looks like Marion, except that her eyes are not blue.

She works for a Japanese brand that I regularly go to.

Other brands people talk about her being the most attractive lady in that floor.

Many customers come to see her for makeup consultation, I can tell.

And I also know that one attractive male gets many customer visits in a different floor.

Both have fans.

There are different motivations and it is interesting to watch them.

It is my humble hobby, really.

I find it quite amusing to do people watching at makeup counters.

And I ask sales person what they think of other brands.

That may be another blog topic.

Thank you for reading!