227. Koyudo CS,  Takeda Red Squirrel, Brush Festival online shop, and my matchmaking experience

227. Koyudo CS,  Takeda Red Squirrel, Brush Festival online shop, and my matchmaking experience

Hi Everyone, 


The other day, 

I talked about matchmaking. 

Some people asked me to talk more. 

Not in general but more personal experiences.
I will write more today.

Before I write about it,

I want to update what I found today first on brushes.

1. Koyudo/Kihitsu informed me that they could make

Canadian squirrel face L in Black Makie (picture on the left)

White Canadian squirrel face in Black Makie

They did not tell me when they would make them, so I will keep you updated.

2. Takeda

Red squirrel puff brush might be discontinued due to a small stock of hair.
(picture on the right)


3. Here is a link for Brush Festival

(please click 化粧筆)


I worked for Canon, a Japanese company, and after Canon, I worked for foreign companies. 


Naturally,  I got connected with people who worked for foreign companies.


There was one guy who worked for a Swedish mobile company.

He was 35 years old, from a good university, an English speaker. 


He was earning a little more than 100,000 USD. 


He has already begun real estate investment. Maybe Robert Kiyosaki influence, LOL.


I arranged a party, which  I invited him to. 


As an arranger,


What I need is someone who can entertain other people.


Funny and intelligent person who can take care of many kinds of people.

Some people are shy.
So I need to pay more attention to those people and make sure to have them socialize.

It is my role but I cannot take care of everyone.
I need some more people who can make people laugh.


This guy was funny and intelligent. 

Besides, he was able to entertain people around him, and I really appreciated it.

At the end of the party, I asked him, ‘have you met anyone interesting?’


He said, ‘no one’ 'but, thank you, I enjoyed the party!'


That is ok. 


Maybe he exchanged an address for Facebook, Instagram or LINE.

This is the SNS era.


It is not my place to push. I am not a marriage adviser. 


What I liked about him was to try to amuse other people even though he was not interested (he said).


I mean, 


Some people know how much time I spend on arranging an event and inviting interesting people.


For free,  LOL.


One guy told me, ‘the party was not fun, and I was not interested in anyone ‘


At least I wanted to hear ‘thank you, Fukuma-san, for your time.’


He said he would like to come to another event, but I did not invite him to any of them since then.


Maybe that is something he or she could show.




It may not matter much how good looking or intelligent he or she is, if he or says to me, 'thank you for the party!'


By the way, 


I saw a guy and girl exchanging LINE address. 

I asked her if she was comfortable with giving him personal information.


She said, ‘It is ok. I will delete it after I go home.’


I leaned  it is how SNS works in this century, LOL.


Thank you for reading!