226. Hakuhodo doesn't have saikoho hair

226. Hakuhodo doesn't have saikoho hair

Hi Everyone, 


In Japan, there will be a new Prime Minister in October. 


There are 4 candidates:


2 men 


I hope Japan will have  the first female Prime Minister, which many people look forward to.


We will see. 


Speaking of Prime Minister, I liked ‘Love Actually’ Hugh Grant as Prime Minister. 


I like his humor, whether it is his own or not. Not straightforward, but subtle. Japanese joke is like that.


There was a conversation in the movie ‘Notting Hill,’ between Hugh and hotel man.


Hugh wanted to explain how stupid his flatmate was.



‘Imagine, if you will, the stupidest person you’ve ever met. Are you doing that’


Hotel man

‘Yes, sir, I have him in mind mind.’



‘And now double it.’

‘That is the…what I can say, the git that I am living with.’


This is a type of humor I like especially when he says, with a serious face.



By the way, 


Do you know Hakuhodo doesn’t have ‘saikoho’ goat now?


They used to have it. 


The shop manager explained to me, why.


Hair provided to Hakuhodo didn’t meet the standard of Hakuhodo to be saikoho. 


It differs from company to company. Some companies have more relaxed standard, I guess. 


At that time, Hakuhodo stopped dying hair, which makes hair softer.


No saikoho after that, but there is no dyed hair. 


Maybe some of you have saikoho that Hakuhodo made. 


There was a number beginning with SJ as well as S.




Generally the quality of saikoho goes down in almost all companies.


I think Koyomo has plenty of stock whose standard has been the same.


Thank you for reading!