224. I did not like Japanese train (JR)

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Hi Everyone,



I went to a local government office to get an individual number. 

It is almost the same as Social Security Number. 


The country manages tax payments while we can use it as an ID to get public paper. Good for both, but it benefits the country more. 


It is a picture ID so it will function like a driver’s license.  That is good.


One thing that impressed me was the government office treated me very well. 


I felt like a being a guest to The Ritz-Carlton except that they didn’t serve afternoon tea.  They treated me better than some makeup shops, LOL.


Long time ago, JR (Japan Railway) and Japan Post were nationalized. 

Now they are privatized. 


When JR was nationalized, I felt that I begged them to sell me a ticket.

They did not have the concept of ‘providing good service to a customer. ‘ 


When I was a kid, I was playing with a cigarette case that a passenger left. It was at a JR train in Hiroshima.


 It was a small box, and I was throwing like a juggler.  There were very few people on the train. 


All of a sudden, an old guy came to me and, without saying anything, he crushed a box and gave it back to me.


He did not say anything, so 


I did not understand what happened.
Later, I realized that he thought I was smoking. That is all I can think of.


The incident badly damaged my feeling, and I can remember the scene clearly. Even now.


He wouldn’t have done if I had been an adult. I was a small boy, knowing nothing. At least he could have asked, ‘you don’t smoke, do you?’


I had plenty of good memories from the time I was a boy, but from time to time, this scene comes back to me.


Especially when I took a train in Hiroshima.


It was around 6PM near the Hiroshima station.


I have just remembered one story.


Tommy Lasorda, a great baseball manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers.


He was a pitcher when he played baseball himself.


He pitched to a veteran hitter, with no reason, Lasorda hit the guy by a pitch.


That guy asked Lasorda, ‘I did not do anything bad to you, why did you hit me?’


Lasorda said, 


‘You did not sign a autograph when I asked you long time ago’


Memory when you are a child never goes away, doesn't it?


Thank you for reading!