223. I was an accountant before selling brushes

Hi Everyone, 


I watched a movie called


‘The Accountant’


Ben Affleck, working as an accountant, has a very different face. 


In Japan, it is called 




I guess  an English word ‘accountant’ may not be familiar to many Japanese.


The accountant in the movie is a genius in numbers.


I am also an accountant, and have dealt with many auditors. 


I still remember one of them had super memory and remembered all the balance sheet numbers with more 10 digits. He wrote down all to a whiteboard in front of me. 


He was in his early thirties with a nice personality.

(Maybe too quiet to socialize with others, but I liked it )


He asked me to be a matchmaker surprisingly , and I began my second career. 


Joking aside, 

I really enjoyed matchmaking.


Those I invited  preferred a party or dinner style to one on one meeting, so I arranged quite a few gatherings.


My batting ratio was not as high as Ichiro (a baseball guy )so I have only one success. 


They got married and have a daughter now. 


It took me time to arrange one gathering but people thanked me, which really motivated me to do. 


Gratitude is always a great motivator.


As I worked for foreign companies and knew a good number of people, the gatherings were diverse from Japanese to foreigners, from 20’s to 40’s, very Japanese people  to atypical Japanese people LOL.


I found it difficult to find ‘eligible’ guys in the 30’s. 


Maybe, there are many good guys in Japan, but they are not ‘available  on the market.’ They are reluctant to meet new people while girls are more proactive on the market.


Hence, my resources got scarce, and I gave up on match-making after one year.


I mean I should have made money, LOL. That would have been different.
I needed to spend huge amount of time.


Good thing was that I tried to get acquainted with new people and I needed to deal with different types of people, whether I like or not.


It is a good brain exercise, actually.


Maybe I should do after COVID as my hobby. I will think about it.
Now I know many sales people, mostly women,  at makeup counters. Some of them actually asked me to introduce them to foreign guys, but my resources are VERY limited now, LOL.


And that auditor, he did not succeed  at my gatherings, but got married somewhere else, I heard.


Thank you for reading !