218. What is the first eyeshadow brush to buy from Hakuhodo?

Hi Everyone,


I haven't talked much about Hakuhodo.

It is because most of you know much more than I do.

Many brush users start with Hakuhodo and try other brushes later.

The other reason is a procurement.

I buy brushes from Kumano, Hiroshima. It is an email correspondence with Kihitsu, Koyomo, Kyureido, Chikuhodo, etc and relatively easy while I need to go to Hakuhodo in person to order brushes.

They don't accept an email order.

They are very friendly sales people, but the sytem is not friendly to me.

These days one thing has changed.

New shop manager was assigned to the Shibuya branch and whatever questions I ask are well answered by her.

I can increase my knowledge by asking her questions.
She is like a professor.

There are 1500 kinds of brushes at Hakuhodo, but it seems to me that she knows all of them.

So I ask. 

One thing I found today is

'Pine squirrel is soft.'

Hakuhodo doesn't promote pine squirrel much, and I haven't got many orders for pine squirrels.

She said,

'Actually, it is soft, but it cannot work well alone so Hakuhodo mixes it with e.g. North American squirrel. '

Yes, most are mixed with North American squirrels or other squirrels.

Then I asked her to recommend an eyeshadow brush if a user buys Hakuhodo first time. 


She said, 

'it is an easy question.'

Do you agree?

No wonder I get many orders for J5523. 

She also told me, 


this video was made by Hakuhodo, and good for me to take a look.

So, these days,

I ask her questions when I shop. She tells me something new and indoctrinates me with makeup.

Maybe I should do with other makeup brands.

Thank you for reading,