211. Update on Canadian squirrel brushes - Hakuhodo called me

211. Update on Canadian squirrel brushes - Hakuhodo called me

Hi Everyone, 

I received many orders for

G5560 Canadian squirrel.

Thank you!

Hakuhodo called me today.
I asked a Hakuhodo manager today if I was able to order more.

She told me that there was one big order to another shop so my share was limited.

But I managed to buy a good number of G5560 so please let me know if you are interested.

The situation regarding Canadians squirrel brushes is uncertain.

It is not limited nor discontinued.

But, due to the shortage of hair supply, Canadian squirrel brushes disappeared from the Hakuhodo online shop for two years.

It appeared that Canadian squirrel hair is scarce for all brush companies.

Hakuhodo is not exception.


You can still buy, in addition to G5560 (the second picture)

G513 (the first picture)

Kokutan S (the last picture)

I will write a newsletter when G513 and Kokutan S get hard to buy.


The Olympics is going on, people like it.

And it is hot in Japan.

I feel sorry that those Olympians need to compete in August… incredibly hot…

Of course, there could be many reasons why it is August, which I don’t know for sure.
But money is a key, I can guess, TV money.


Then, I am wondering if Sapporo can have it instead of Tokyo ?

Much more friendly to Olympians. And food is great in Sapporo or Hokkaido, LOL.

Thank you for reading,