210. Hakuhodo Kazan and Canadian squirrel

210. Hakuhodo Kazan and Canadian squirrel

Hi Everyone,

I posted about Hakuhodo Canadian squirrel G5560 yesterday.

I received many orders, thank you!

I chatted with a Hakuhodo shop manager. She is very knowledgeable and just came back from Singapore due to the COVID.

She speaks English so maybe good to visit her when you can travel to Japan in the near future (I hope!) She could explain a lot to you.

Today, I asked her to reserve more G5560 which she needed to confirm with the HQ in Hiroshima but I think it is fine.

As you may know, there are less and less Chikuhodo Kazan, so I asked her about Hakuhodo Kazan brushes. She said it was still available.

G5558 Kazan may be similar to G5560 Canadian squirrel. She said G5560 is a rounder version of G5558.
(G5558:the first picture, and G5560: the second picture)

G5558 is 5760 yen.

I asked what were other Canadian squirrel brushes.

She said,
G513 is still available, (Will take a picture)
Kokutan eyeshadow S (the last picture)

I also asked what is the biggest Kazan brush.
She said G5518 (blush/highlight) (3rd picture)

Kazan is still available but Hakuhodo doesn't have big brushes as Chikuhodo.

Please let me know if you have any questions, 

Thank you for reading.