208. Silver Fox, Saibikoho and Hakuhodo

208. Silver Fox, Saibikoho and Hakuhodo

Hi Everyone,

I talked about Unagi as my favorite food.

It is not as special as Unagi, but there is another food that warms my heart.

It is called コロッケ,
a Japanese style croquette, fried mashed potato with beef and vegetables.

My mother used to make a lunch box for school, and she often put a croquette.

I always looked forward to opening the lunch box.
When I found a croquette, I felt relieved, LOL.

Not super excited, but I liked the moment I opened a croquette like in the picture above.
A croquette can be very creative.

Not only a croquette was delicious, but it made my stomach full easily too.

Not expensive at shop.

I go to a department store's food section and buy 100 to 150 yen croquette when I am hungry.
My small joy when shopping.

Besides, it reminds me of days in Hiroshima.
I received a call from Kihitsu.

Kihitsu has

Silver Fox set

Saibikoho cheek

He told me that a Chinese buyer wanted to buy them all, so asked me if I wanted him to keep some of them.

I thanked him for asking me first, but it is his discretion whether he sells them or keeps them for me.

I asked him to wait a little so that I can write a newsletter.

Silver Fox with a red handle set 85,000 yen

Koyudo Saibikoho Cheek 50,000yen

Please let me know.

Hakuhodo set - hankyu limited

I am going to buy it and take a picture.
I will let you know when I have it.

Thank you for reading.