2021 SUQQU 2021 AW

Hi Everyone, 

I have just sold my parents’ house which is located in north of Tokyo.

It wa a lengthy process as my parents’ records are still registered to the Hiroshima Prefecture.

Those records are needed to show who is the owner. 

The local government doesn’t accept a bank transfer, so I needed to create a money order at a post office, and mailed it with a return envelope. 

It is much easier to use FedEX or DHL to send a parcel overseas!

The other thing is a hanko, stamp registration.  Now less and less stamp registration gets needed but it still exists in Japan.

Change or improvement leads to a loss of job or a new assignment, so it is difficult to change even a small thing.

Especially on a national level.

For example,

DHL and FedEX don’t need any hanko(stamp) but JP Post needs it. 

I convinced manager of the local post office that I can sign EMS to ship it.

But each time a new person comes to pick a parcel, they said, ‘ no signature, but hanko!’

I have a hanko, but I say, ‘ I don’t have a hanko. I lost it.’ 

I have a hanko, LOL, but what is the point if I sign it?

That is a messy signature that no one can read or write, so can be more trusted, right ?

I don’t want to give a hard time to a person who collects parcels. So I ask if I can talk to a manager on the phone. 

I have talked to a manager maybe five times, but it is a big organization, and a manager is often replaced or transferred to another branch.

I begin to wonder how many times I have to explain to JP Post for the rest of my life. ….




SUQQU reservation starts soon, and I want to introduce 2021 AW.

Please let me know if you are interested.



Signature eyeshadow 106 left and 107 (8400yen)

Pure Bush 128 and 129 (6600 yen)


Tone Touch eyes 107 and 108 (4440 yen)

Nail Polish 134,135,136 and 137 (3000 yen)

Here is a swatch.


Swatch on Youtube

Thank you!