201 Kolinsky & Canadian squirrel update

201 Kolinsky & Canadian squirrel update

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Takeda Fox fan brush 



#amplitude eyeshadow 01Cheek 02(8160 yen )

Hi Everyone,


The other day, I helped my mother move to a new place.

Japanese moving companies have good reputation in general. e.g. Art Moving company

I decided to use a different company, as they have a warehouse where furnitures are temporarily stored.

And they told me they would help me pack small things, too.

On the moving day,

Several young men came, and the first one told me that packing was not included in what I paid. After checking the sheet, he said, ‘ok.’

But it seemed that they were not ready for packing or they were not good at it.

Art Moving company is known for their service of taking care of everything professionally.

The Omakase, as in a sushi order, course covers from packing to carrying to unpacking.

But this company seemed to be new, and I was able to tell that they would not help willingly LOL.

They wanted only to carry the furniture.

As a result, the moving was much quicker than I had thought as I decided to dispose some furniture instead of bringing it to a new place. It was written all over their faces that they did not want to pack)

Maybe there was a better way to move this time.

I moved a few times in Tokyo, and movings were not bad because I only had small luggage.

My mother apparently had more stuff….

Good experience for me, to say the least.



I have raden kolinsky eyeshadow L , but I cannot get the other radens from Koyudo.

It is not limited, but the hair is not available.


S141 is now out of stock in Tokyo, and it cannot be ordered to Hiroshima.

I also found today that S141bk was sold out.


Other kolinsky brushes, such as S120 or S123, are good to order for the time being.

Only S141 and S141BK, Hakuhodo told me.

Canadian squirrel.

I received an order for G513, which is still available though it is not listed at the online shop.

Hakuhodo has deleted all the Canadian squirrel brushes from their online shop. I guess some of CS brushes are available at shop, but not online.


Please let me know if you have a question on which CS or Kolinsky is available. I can check with a brush company.


Thank you for reading,





Hello, I was wondering if you will be carrying the Chanel 31 Rue Cambon face powder when it is released on August 6th. I believe it will be released in Japan first.
Thank you so much,
Krista Sousa

Krista J Sousa