200. Two things to remember when you order Hakuhodo

200. Two things to remember when you order Hakuhodo

(The picture has S141 and S120, both kolinsky. Kolinsky is now in short supply)

Hi Everyone, 

When I started selling brushes, I found it hard to understand how Hakuhodo named their products.

Hakuhodo has

S series,

B series,

G series,

J series, etc.

If you remember two things, it will be easier to order Hakuhodo.

  1. Hakuhodo handles have sizes, L, M and S. I think most of you prefer L, but shops sell and keep M sizes so when I get an order, I will ask a shop to order L sizes (very rarely S sizes) to Hiroshima. They close an order on Sundays and the order will arrive on Thursdays. I get them either on Friday or Saturday. So it is for one week that I usually ask you to wait.
  2. B is Basic. B series are brushes that are a collection of popular brushes in each series. You can choose a handle color of B series: White, Silver, Champagne Gold or Black.

e.g. ‘J110’ and ‘B110 in a black handle’ are the same except for product numbers. Their prices are the same. B110 has four colors you can choose for handles.


I know one shop manager can tell brush numbers only from looking at products, but only limited numbers of Hakuhodo employees can do that.

They have (too) many kinds of brushes LOL. How can I remember ?


Therefore, I ask them to put a name tag to G series that don’t have product numbers.


S series are easier as they have only one size.


Thank you for reading,