196. Takeda brush can be customized

196. Takeda brush can be customized

(the picture is Takeda Fox fan brush)

Takeda is flexible in changing a color of a handle or type of hair.

It is handmade, and maybe not good for mass production but they can cope with a request from a client.

I have asked them to make 2 customized brushes, based on clients’ requests.

I get a request from a client first.

type of hair

hair shape


lengths of hair and handle

total length

type of ferrule e.g. flat or round

Pictures are helpful, even from other brands.

They make a test product first and send me a picture.

I send it to a client, and if ok, I will ask Takeda to make it.

This is squirrel puff brush

There is 1200 yen fee for a test product.

Please let me know if you are interested

Thank you,